Furnished or unfurnished – that is the question!

On Corfu, you find an almost equal number of furnished and unfurnished long term rentals. When to go for which – here our pro and con list!

Go for a furnished rental when …

… you are not sure if you are gonna stay for more than one year. The costs for furnishing an empty place are quite high – whether you ship your belongings from your other place of residency to Corfu or buy what you like on the island or somewhere else in Greece.

… you immediately want to move in. Everythings there. Just bring your suitcase and start living on Corfu!

… you simply like the furniture you see in the exposé. More and more owners equip their homes in a nice modern, mediterrenean style.

Go for an unfurnished rental when …

… you don’t feel like living with furniture someone else may have lived with already.

… you have the time to bit by bit equip your new home – or the money to do so all at once.

… you have a very distinctive taste when it comes to your living space. Mind that – regardless of money issues – your new home should feel like YOUR new home for you.

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