7 essential advices for landlords

Whether you have a holiday home you wish to rent for the times you are not on Corfu or you are a “Corfiot” who wants to let a property – these eight advices are a true help for every landlord.

1 Verify your tenant’s identity

To not run into difficulties later, verify a new candidate tenant’s identity and his/her Tax Serial Number (AFM) have signed a rental contract before any payment and giving away keys. If the future tenant is completely unknown to you, don’t hesitate to ask for proof of his solvency, or ask him to present a solvent guarantor to co-sign the contract.

2 Mind the legal duration

The house rentals in Greece have a legal duration of minimum three years – binding for both landlord and tenant even if they are signed for a shorter period!

3 Don’t forget to register the rental contract

As a landlord you have to deposit a copy of every rental contract to the Tax Revenue Service within 30 days from the date of signature. Also at the beginning of every year you must declare the annual rent in your Income Tax Declaration. If you don’t (among other consequences) you cannot go to court to have the tenant evicted.

4 Check all prescribed positions of the contract

In the rental contract you must specify the amount of the rent, the percentage (or other agreement) on the future annual increase of the rent – and the type and the nature of use of the property you let (shop, laboratory, deposit, main or secondary residence etc.) plus the names and tax registration numbers of all individuals or companies that will use your property.

5 Use model contracts!

Model contracts are distributed by the Information Office of Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA) – including a basic model in English. On important rentals, always consult a lawyer.

6 Check your building insurance policy

Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover damages done by a renter. Thus, you’ll have to purchase an additional policy to cover not only your home and any contents you leave, but also third party liability issues.

7 Let us help you

Last not least a perfect advice for all who don’t want to keep all the other six in mind: Let us help you in both finding the right tenant and getting all legal things done properly. We are an experienced partner for rentals on Corfu since over two decades. We know the authorities, we have a network of lawyers and tax accountants and will be happy to assist you in at everything.

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