UK & Corfu Connections

Historical Bond Helps UK Investors to Call Corfu Home

For international visitors and potential residents, Corfu’s shared history with other counties and cultures makes it unique amongst Greek islands. One such historical connection is the one between Corfu and the United Kingdom.

Corfu became a British protectorate of the in 1815. At that time, British high commissioners were appointed to the Ionian Islands, where Corfu was the capital. This period of Corfu’s history was particularly prosperous. A road network was established; the water system was enhanced; and Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford established the first University of Greece in 1824, which is still in existence today.

There are several noteworthy monuments to the English, including Sir Thomas Maitland, Sir Howard Douglas and Durrell Park named after the famed English duo of authors, Lawrence and Gerald.

In the 1970s, when tourism started to slowly expand to Greece (and Corfu) the largest population of tourists were British. Fast forward into more modern times, and the Rothschilds have transformed the northeast coast of Corfu, into what is known affectionately known as “Kensington-on –Sea.” Nestled in olive tree-covered hills up above the bay, surrounded by olive groves and dense foliage, are some of the most exclusive villas on the island, including that of the Rothschilds. As all the villas face the blue Ionian Sea and distant Albanian mountains, they avoid the view of a thousand Greek planning errors which is, sadly, the outlook for villas on many other parts of the island.

Since then, some of the most affluent of the UK, have based their holiday homes in Corfu, and have even transformed this into a profitable business, earning upwards of 40.000 Euros per week in peak season. That said, Corfu, remains a popular destination for visitors of all budgets, with regular flights offered by EasyJet and Ryan Air.

Corfu offers a unique cultural experience laced with a shared history that can help UK residents feel at home away from home.

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