Off Season Corfu

Corfu Offers Year Round Activities for International Residents

For most people, Corfu brings to mind the blue sea, green hills, spectacular sunsets, all adding up to a colorful destination for summer fun. But for those who choose to buy property in Corfu and make it a year-round home, what does the island offer in the way of year-round activity?

Hang Around Town

A slower, more laid back Corfu is on offer during the off season. Eat in small cafes, taverns and coffee shops that you might not have visited during high season—ones that have been serving locals for generations. Or grab a table and spend awhile sipping a drink sipping coffee, wine or a cocktail, while reading a book without the noise of the maddening crowds.

Go for a Walk

After a leisurely lunch, take a stroll. Corfu town’s old quarter with its arcades facing the Spianáda and Venetian architecture is a perfect place for an afternoon walk as you soak up the island’s history.

Up for something longer? The Corfu trail covers 137-miles, from one end of the island to the other, traversing Corfu’s diverse landscapes. This peaceful route stays away from the noisy roads so that you can find some peace and quiet as you take in the scenery.

If you like shorter but steeper challenges, you can climb Ágii Déka, Corfu’s second highest peak from Áno Garoúna village, from which portion of the Corfu Trail takes you to the top for sweeping views over the town and airport lagoon.

Help with the Harvest

During the early part of winter, it is olive harvest time when many locals collect the precious bounty in nets as they fall from their trees. Stop in one of the villages and ask if you can lend a hand. You may make new friends and get some freshly pressed olive oil for your efforts.

Learn About the World

In addition to the many historical monuments and museums that showcase Corfu’s history, there is also a window to another part of the world at the Asian Art Museum. It is open year round. The museum contains artifacts from China, Japan, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan Cambodia, Tibet, and Thailand.

Take a Day Trip

A day trip is to Ágii Saránda in Albania to see the Roman ruins of Butrint is one interesting option. You can also travel to the three inhabited Diapóndia islets just north-west of Corfu, Eríkoussa—with its sandy beaches, perfect for a lazy afternoon—or the outer islands of Othoni and Mathraki.

Watching the seasons change in Corfu, from autumn, to winter and then back to early spring with all of its pre-Easter festivals and music is a privilege that only longer-term residents can enjoy. Buying property for sale in Corfu from CPA, will ensure that you get to have experiences that summer tourists could only dream of!

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