01 Feb What legalities are involved in the purchase of a property on Corfu?

Buying a house, apartment or a building plot on Corfu is subject to similar legalities to those applying in most other EU countries.

It is necessary to appoint a lawyer, who will check the title of ownership and ensure that there are no mortgages outstanding or legal encumbrances attached to the property. CPA can, if requested, make recommendations for the appointment of an appropriate lawyer and subsequently liaise with them, on your behalf.

Your lawyer will be responsible for the appointment of a notary public who prepares the necessary Final Purchase Contract, in conjunction with the lawyer. Once the sale has been completed, it is the Notary who will register the Final Purchase Contract with the Land Registry, and also retain a copy. The Notary, will also provide certified copies upon registration.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to appoint a qualified surveyor to assist with certain property enquiries.

According to Greek Law, you will be required to obtain a Greek Tax number, as well as a Greek Bank Account, prior to the property purchase. This is a simple process, with which we are pleased to assist.

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