10 Feb My lawyer has advised that the property needs to be “legalised”. What does this mean?

Due to common building practice, the vast majority of properties in Greece, have elements that were constructed outside of the building license, and/or, have areas of the property that are being used for purposes other than what was defined in the building license.
This can range from a “basement” which is currently being used as a “living room”, a covered veranda which isn’t shown on the approved building plans, an illegally built extension to the property,  and in some very rare cases, the entire building itself.
Under recent Greek Law, it is the obligation of the Seller to provide confirmation from a licensed civil engineer that the property exists exactly as described on the building license. If aspects of the property exist outside of the approved license, the Seller must pay the entire fine required to “legalise” the property, prior to the transfer. As a result, every buyer is effectively guaranteed that the property they are purchasing is compliant with all planning approvals.

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