10 Feb Can you walk me through the buying process?

The process is fairly quick and uncomplicated. As a general rule, you must:

  • Select your property.
  • Appoint your solicitor.
  • Sign a pre-contract (private agreement) detailing terms of sale and payment schedule.
  • Pay a 10% deposit to secure the property by removing it from the market. This deposit is held in a trust account until your lawyer is satisfied that you can proceed with the purchase and it is not released until the signature of the final contract.
  • Apply for your Tax Registry Number (AFM).
  • Open a Greek bank account.
  • Return to Greece to sign the final contract, after all legal work is completed (6-8 weeks, usually). Alternatively, your solicitor may sign for you if they have been granted full Power of Attorney.
  • Upon completion of final contract, all fees and taxes must be paid.
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