• Spartylas View

The village of Spartilas nestles at the height of 400 meters under the looming peak of Mount Pantokrator. Because of its wonderful view, Spartilas is known as the ”Window on Corfu”. You can see the island of Paxos and, on a really clear day, even Lefkada. Set between the mountain and the sea, and oriented south, Spartilas enjoys a mild climate, neither too hot nor too cold.

It’s a climate that many new residents are enjoying, for the resort is gaining a small but growing population of foreign residents who have bought old houses for holidays or full-time living. Many have lovingly restored their old village house, restoration which, carried out with an eye for preserving the charm of this lovely village, are an asset for the local population and a source of admiration for those that visit.

Everywhere you look, architectural features catch the eye. Sandstone arches lead to a storeroom under a’bodzo’ – a first floor balcony which gives access to the living quarters. There are staircases of old marble, and arched gateways that lead into overgrown gardens. The alleys winding between the houses are narrow – just wide enough for the donkeies and their panniers they were built for once.

The beautiful blue-flag beaches at Barbati and Nissaki are just 4km down the winding road.




Taxi (bus connection I could find one)


Taverns, Cafés, Supermarket, Primary School, Kindergarden


Hiking, Biking, Walking


Mount Pantokrator


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