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  • Palaiokastritsa Beach

Palaiokastritsa welcomes visitors with an overwhelming scenic landscape already when approaching the resort which is about 25 km away from Corfu Town: A hilly resort, nestled beneath the folds of steep verdant slopes of olive groves and citrus orchards. For long times, Paleokastritsa has been considered one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu and still is a renowned Greek beauty spot. The resort consists of two peninsulas and six small secluded bays. There is also an organized port which is newly built and can accommodate a large number of boats of all kind.

The area of Palaiokastritsa is the favored home of many permanent residents from abroad who value the combination of living in nature’s bossom and yet having an excellent infrastructure – starting from regular bus services from and to Corfu town and comprising all local, social and public amendities.

On the northern peninsula sits the monastery of Panagia Palaiokastritissas, founded in 1225 and ever again worth a visit. Also well worth of visiting are the nearby village of Lakones and Krini, and the famous Angelokastro castle built on the rocky coastline. Due to the cold clear water, the area is a traditional fishing point for the locals distributing the around restaurants.




Taxi and Bus


Bars, Restaurants, Café, Super Markets, Medical Services


Water Sports, Diving, Boat Hiring, Hiking, Paragliding


Monastery, Coves along Coastline


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