Kompitsi, spreads along the top of a range of hills with a wonderful view, just a few kilometers in the west of the city of Corfu. The most significant sight of this village is the mansion of the Kompitsi family, nobles of the 18th century from which the village got its name. This «Palace», which is today a private residency, is an edifice’s plan in the shape of a Π, with simple but elegant architecture which refers to a renaissance monastery with arches around its large, internal yard. In the northern side of the mansion stands the church of Agioi Apostoloi, with its tall bell-tower which resembles the one of Agios Spyridoans in the Old City.Another significant sight in Kompitsi is the impressive, restored, Venetian fountain with monumental character, with very interesting baroque architecture from which the village was supplied with water in the past.Kompitsi, with its approximately 750 residents, offers a panoramic aspect of the northern, mountainous Corfu, of Pelekas  and of the Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos  and also of the mountain of Agioi Deka.

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