Six tips to sell your villa on Corfu

As a property agency with an experience of over 20 years successfully selling houses and villas for our clients, we know the decisive points to get the best out of a sell.

1 Legal Status

Ensure your property is compliant with the current laws regarding the selling of properties – e.g. certified building permit.

2 Valuation

Offer your house at a competitive pricebased on a realistic valuation. An overpriced and overexposed property will have an unnecessary handicap in the selling efforts.

3 Documents

Having all your papers ready will for sure speed up the sell of your property. These are a copy of your purchase contract or certificate of ownership, a copy of the license for the property, a copy of the ‘Horizontal’ if the property is on a shared plot and floor plans.

4 Good photos

Pictures say more than words! Thus, use our help to prepare your property for a photo shooting that leads to a good sale.

5 Viewings

Think about how to arrange access to the property for viewings. Properties where we hold a key always sell faster! Be sure to present your property in the best way possible – e.g., open the windows and for sure have no strong food products prior to a viewing.

6 Choose us

This might sound slightly arrogant but to partner up with CPA has proven right for over 0000 clients over the past 20 years. Our team will support you with the greatest of pleasure.

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