End of the year sale

If we could make just one recommendation to our clients it would be the following: Don’t happen to get into the end-of-the-year sale with your property!

In the month from October to December prices as a rule get down by quite some per cent.

The reason on one hand are other sellers who want to enjoy tax savings on the next home they purchase. They accept lower bids in order to meet the deadlines – so buyers are not willing your “regular” price.

Also builders of new houses push sales to close the books on their year and meet quotas. They offer upgrades or little extras to sell houses before the calendar turns – things, buyers expect from you too now.

Last not least (like in all dealings) it’s the leftovers that are on sale now. They beat down the price – and cast a shadow on your property.

If you are interested in BUYING a property, things of course are just the opposite! > 4 BENEFITS OF BUYING OUT OF SEASON (linking to related post)

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