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Our associated company, Corfu Property Management Services (CPMS) provides both new homeowners and existing property owners and those people wishing to build a complete property management service in Corfu.

Our associated company, Corfu Property Management Services (CPMS) provides both new homeowners and existing property owners and those people wishing to build a complete property management service in Corfu. The company comprises of a building management service designed to assist clients through the construction or renovation of a property and a comprehensive property management service that includes maintenance and rentals.

The company has been structured and designed to give clients peace of mind during a construction period and following completion of their house or villa on Corfu, with the knowledge that their building project or property is being handled and cared for in a professional manner. The owners of the company have considerable knowledge and experience in the fields of building project management, real estate, property management, finance and administration related matters both on Corfu and internationally. An extensive network of local engineers, architects, surveyors, builders, construction companies, lawyers and notaries enhances this team.

Building Project Management
The Building Project Management service is designed to cater for clients wishing to build a villa, house, apartment, and business premises on Corfu, or to renovate any such properties. In order to achieve a successful and problem free completion of a building / renovation project, it is essential to have an experienced team behind you who understand the Greek building regulations, the system and the `Red Tape'. The main principle of Project Management is the application of knowledge at a local level. The construction of a new house, for example, is not particularly complicated in Corfu. Many of the processes are the same as in other European countries but they are handled in a different way, in a different sequence and within a different governmental and social structure. In addition there are local rules and regulations. Add these to the `differences' and it is no wonder that prospective owners wishing to build a villa on Corfu often experience discomfort and mistrust. It is the effective management of these differences and local rules that represent the core service provided by CPMS.

Initiating the service, CPMS introduces the client to a variety of engineers, architects, construction organizations, topographers, banks, accountants, attorneys and any other person whose skill or activity may be required. This is followed by a costing estimate, which allows the client an understanding of the financial feasibility of the project as well as an assessment of potential risks and construction time frames. As a second phase, CPMS assists with design, electrical and water supplies, submission of the license application and signature/detail of the building contract. Once the complicated process of license approval is complete CPMS ensure that the planned building is constructed in accordance with the drawings and designs, is within the budgeted/contractual cost, conforms to local and international building standards and regulations, is of a high standard with attention to detail and every effort is made to ensure the project is completed within the stipulated timetable. During this phase, CPMS acts as the eyes and ears of the client, and in parallel controls costs, utility connections and details such as insurance payments. Finally, CPMS undertakes to hand over the project with all checks carried out.
Property Management Services

This service embraces the maintenance, operation and safe keeping of a property, its land or garden and its contents. CPMS will undertake any property related function from a complete re-landscaping of a garden or painting the entire property to the simple task of arranging a monthly swimming pool cleaning service or checking that the geyser works. Some of the services offered include:

  • Painting and repairs
  • Garden service/landscaping
  • Swimming pool service
  • Telephone application and connection
  • TV aerial installation
  • Water and Electricity connections
  • Utility account payments
  • Tax declarations
  • Obtaining Tax numbers
  • Pre-holiday property checks
  • Bad weather check

As a result, property owners no longer need to be worried or concerned about their Corfu property.
Rentals and Rental Management

CPMS provide a property rental service for permanent rentals of residential and commercial properties and will act as rental agents on behalf of landlords. If you are looking for a permanent home to rent either in Corfu Town or in the country side, CPMS will assist you. Furthermore, if you are the owner of a block of apartments and wish to outsource the rental program and maintenance of the building, CPMS will provide all related services including rent collection
Tax declaration

We highlight this important matter related to the purchase of fixed property.
In terms of Greek tax legislation every person is required to submit a tax declaration reflecting the purchase of any property at the end of the tax year in which the property was purchased. The tax year ends on 31st December and the deadline for submitting the declaration is normally the following May.
The purpose of the declaration is to confirm registration of the property in the owner's name with the tax authorities and to substantiate that the funds utilised for the purchase were legally acquired and have been taxed. For all non-Greek citizens this is accomplished by attaching to the tax declaration the bank document "Attestation of Exchange Purchase" commonly referred to as the "Pink Slip".

The pink slips need to cover the purchase value as reflected per the contract, even though this might differ from the actual value paid, plus the costs of transfer tax, notary and attorney fees.
At CPMS we can gladly assist with the above matter in preparing the documentation and submitting the tax declaration through a reputable accounting office.

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