The Village Kalafationes is located in the center of Corfu, 9 km away from Corfu town, with altitude of 182m. The area, like most Corfiot villages, is enclosed by rich olive groves and a dense forest full of chestnut trees. It is unknown when settlers first came to the village, It is certain that the name “ Kalafationes” originates from the word “ caulking” which refers to ships and wooden barrels being made watertight. One other belief, is that the name came for the word “ Kalafatis” ( the person who makes barrels ) which dates back to the 16th century. It is believed that the Kalafati family, who first resided in the area, gave the name to the settlement. According to a more believable explanation, the name came from the occupation of a family and its members who had settled there. This was also common before and during Byzantine times.





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